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audio 01:44 Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid

It has been so cold the last week that much of the out of doors, including the little brook, has frozen solid. I am reminded of when we have brain freezes, where our thoughts seem to be frozen solid. There is a warm-up coming. Just be patient.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/03/2018 06:00 AM

audio 01:22 Below Zero

Below Zero

The temperature has been below zero every morning for the past week. My priorities change as I hunker down in the warmth of the house. I watch for ice buildup on the roof and observe Nature through the windows. Gratitude flows in my heart.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/02/2018 06:00 AM

audio 02:17 Looking Forward

Looking Forward

At the dawn of a new year many people create goals or resolutions they “hope” to accomplish in the days to come. One of my goals is to finally finish the small meditation building at the Center, along with what else the Cosmos plans.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 01/01/2018 06:00 AM

audio 02:45 Looking Back

Looking Back

As the year ends I looked back at some of the past photos I took on the land. I saw the beautiful field of Lupine in June, the Grace Trail, the new bench for the clearing and the opening in the trees showing the mountains. Progress.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 12/31/2017 06:00 AM

audio 01:16 Snow Covered Landscape

Snow Covered Landscape

The shock of suddenly being thrown into winter is still wearing off. My daily routine has changed. Weather now captures my attention as I plan my excursions out into the frozen world. It is time for writing and mind adventures.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 12/30/2017 06:00 AM

audio 01:17 Frozen Apples

Frozen Apples

We left a lot of apples on one of our tress this fall. Nature has decorated them with a coating of ice and snow. I pause every time I drive by them to appreciate this artistic masterpiece. I am grateful to have those special moments.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 12/29/2017 06:00 AM

audio 01:35 Snaggles


Somewhere between a snag and a tangle, the limbs on the ice-laden birch tree created a beautiful sight. Besides the beauty, was the apparent danger that everything was very slippery. I enjoyed the beauty while proceeding with caution.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 12/28/2017 06:00 AM

audio 01:18 Overload


The log cabin birdhouse has a roof that is overloaded with snow. It reminds me of how many people feel during the holiday season. It is easy to forget that Nature’s beauty can help step out from under overloads for a few grateful moments.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 12/27/2017 06:00 AM