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audio 01:26 A Change in the Air

A Change in the Air

A fresh cool breeze touched my face as I sat for a moment in the clearing. It was a change in the air from the recent fall heat wave. The mountains were in focus, as was my mind, providing a fresh perspective to life around me.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 10/01/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:48 Nature at Work

Nature at Work

As I drove slowly down the trail leading past some of last year’s logging operation I saw an opening filled with white. It was Nature at work, getting ready to cast out seeds to rejuvenate the landscape. We can cast out positive actions.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/30/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:35 Ready to Drop

Ready to Drop

It looks as if the pine cones on the large tree at the bottom of the lupine field is about ready to drops its seed cones. Originally the field was just a clearing and the goal was a young crop of pines. We are all seed trees ready to drop positive thought

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/29/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:26 Intricate Beauty

Intricate Beauty

For the past few years Nature has provided an exhibition of intricate beauty on an old stump. The fungus that appears is complex and looks as if it should be on the bottom of the sea. It will soon disappear as the exhibit changes.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/28/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:47 Leaf Catcher

Leaf Catcher

I noticed some red leaves seemingly suspended in the air and getting closer, I saw that they were hanging off the dead limbs of a fir tree as if placed there by Nature decorating for the season. There was still some use left in the dead fir.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/27/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:25 Enjoying A Warm Early Fall Evening

Enjoying A Warm Early Fall Evening

We walked to the clearing and sat on the bench, watching the dragon flies flitting back and forth. It was a special moment and I will walk it over and over in my mind.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/26/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:39 Is Anybody Home

Is Anybody Home

My son took a picture up on the mountain of a large opening in a hollow tree and titled it, “Is Anybody Home?” As I studied the photo, I could see what looked like fingers gripping the side of the opening as well as a face.

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/25/2017 03:00 AM

audio 01:41 Let The Drying Begin

Let The Drying Begin

It is the season where man and Nature alike begin to dry the crops that have been raised so that the fruits of their labor will be saved for another season to grow anew again. I wonder who taught who first?

Posted by Michael Hathaway, 09/24/2017 03:00 AM